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Quant joyne cuer en may est amoureux

ballade by Trebor


Chantilly: Bibliothèque du Musée Condé 564, fol. 31 (3/1).


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Quant joyne cuer en may est amoureux.
et Jupiter, au palais de Gemynis.
fet son sejour gay, playsant, deliteux.
au roy puissant viennent de lointain paiiz
maint chevalier et dames de mout haut pris
a sa nobletT, dont grant est le renon.
qui pourte d'or et de gueules gonfanon.

Son droit atour, son maintieng gracieux
de la Table Ronde est, a mon avis.
son ardement grant, fourt et couraugeux.
En dons est larges a tous, grans et petis.
tant que le monde en est touz esbahis
de la nobloie qu'il a soubz son penon.
qui pourte [d'or et de gueules gonfanon.]

C'est bien rayson que chans meloudieux
qui la se tienent et touz autres delis
d'armonnie qui tant sont precieux.
et bons sonneurs tant plaisants et sobtills
a servir tel seigneur soyent ententis;
pour ly se noumment en mainte region
qui pourte [d'or et de gueules gonfanon.]


When in May a young heart is in love.
and Jupiter, in the palace of Gemini.
makes his happy, pleasing, enjoyable stay therein.
to the powerful king come from far-off lands
many a knight and ladies of very high worth
to his noble fief, of which the fame is great.
which bears a banner of gold and red.

His forthright acceptance and his graciousness in upholding
the values of the Round Table
betokens, I believe, his great valour, powerful and courageous.
In gifts he is generous to all, great and small.
such that the world is amazed
by the nobility which he has under his standard.
which bears [a banner of gold and red.]

It is indeed right that melodious songs
which abide there, and all other delights
of harmony which are so precious.
and good musicians so pleasing and skilful
should be so keen to serve such a lord;
they name themselves for him in many a region
who carry [a banner of gold and red.]

Text revision and translation © Robyn Smith

Content Approved by: MMDB Director
Last updated: Wednesday, 19 March 2003

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