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Medieval Music Database

  1. Annunciation, folio 4v
  2. Nativity, folio 35r
  3. Adoration of Magi, folio 46v
  4. Resurrection, folio 126r
  5. Ascension, folio 143r
  6. Pentecost, folio 147r
  7. St Andrew, folio 197r
  8. Presentation in the Temple, folio 234r
  9. Annunciation, folio 249r
  10. St Peter the Martyr, folio 257v
  11. Translation of St Dominic, folio 266v
  12. Purification, folio 269r
  13. Crucifixion of St Paul, folio 276r
  14. St Peter, folio 281v
  15. St Mary Magdalen, folio 287r
  16. St Dominic, folio 294v
  17. St Lawrence, folio 299v
  18. Assumption, folio 305v
  19. Louis of France, folio 311v
  20. Nativity of Mary, folio 324v
  21. St Michael, folio 334r
  22. All Saints, folio 345r
  23. Requiem, folio 350v

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Last updated: Sunday, 2 March 2003

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