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Works beginning with 'O'

  1. From O admirabile (Anonymous Motet)
    To O angelorum gloria o pietatis Antiphon for Votive Office for Mary, in Eastertide
  2. From O anima sanctissima, qua Memoria of St. Thoma, In primo nocturno: Responsorium
    To O beate Petre claviger Antiphon for St Peter Martyr
  3. From O beate Petre pr- Miscellaneous for Saints John and Paul
    To O bona crux que decorem et St Andrew, Matins, Verse 4
  4. From O bona crux quem decorem et Responsory for St Andrew
    To Occidendum christum veraciter St. Gabriel, Matins, Verse 4
  5. From Occidens de familia christi St. Erasmus, Matins, Verse 8
    To O colendum columbe meritum St. Columba of Iona, Hibernia, Matins, Responsory
  6. From O columba insignis signifer St. Columba of Iona, Hibernia, Vespers, Responsory
    To Oda pie christo mundo St. Oda, Matins, Verse 5
  7. From O das novum domini omnes Hymn for Hymns
    To Odoriferum lilium spargens Responsory for Bernard, Abbot and Doctor
  8. From Odoris mira fragrancia de St. Alexius, Matins, Responsory 8
    To O felix nostra civitas cui St. Aspren, Matins, Verse 4
  9. From O felix obitus cuius pia vita St. Ansgarius, Lauds, Antiphon 5
    To O giustitia regin' al mondo ((Madrigal by Niccol= da Perugia)
  10. From O gloriosa Dei Genetrix cf. Antiphon for Saturday Office of BVM
    To O Jesu dator gratiae Hymn for Amand (Amandus), Bishop
  11. From O Jesu deifice lucis Responsory for Mary, Mary Cleophae, Mary Salome
    To O lux luce clarior gemina Antiphon for Mary, Mary Cleophae, Mary Salome
  12. From O lux mundi mundum replens St. Laudus, Matins, Responsory 2
    To O mater pulchre dileccionis St. Anna, Matins, Verse 8
  13. From O mater regis filii cuius Blessed Virgin Mary, Lauds, Antiphon 1
    To Omne quod est in mundo Tract
  14. From Omne quod est preciosum hic St. Ieronymus, Matins, Responsory 9
    To Omnes he colonie virgines St. Ursula, Lauds, Antiphon 3
  15. From Omnes igitur credentes ut in Antiphon for Antoninus, Martyr
    To Omnia in sapientia fecisti, r Verse for Sundays, Ferial Office
  16. From Omnia judicia tua justa sunt, Dom. Septem: In primo nocturno, Versus ad Responsorium 1
    To Omnis creatura eternum laudet St. Anna, Lauds, Antiphon 4
  17. From Omnis decor filie regis est St. Dympna, Matins, Antiphon 4
    To Omnium Christe pariter tuorum Hymn for All Saints
  18. From Omnium enim est artifex omnem Verse for Wednesday after Pentecost
    To O patrone odulphe obtine nos St. Odulphus, Matins, Responsory 9
  19. From O patrone sixte bone funde St. Sixtus II, Pope, Matins, Verse 9
    To O porta principis hortus et Antiphon for Great 'O' Antiphons
  20. From Oportebat Alleluia
    To Optima iam parens post te nos St Mary of the Snows, Matins, Verse 9
  21. From Optimam partem adepta a Responsory for Mary Magdalene
    To O quam dulcis visio qua sol St. Scholastica˙, Lauds, Antiphon 4
  22. From O quam est admirabile nomen St. Colomannus, Matins, Antiphon 5
    To O quam pretiosum est regnum Antiphon
  23. From O quam pretiosum = O quam glo Antiphon
    To Or sus, vous dormTs trop, ma (Anonymous Virelai)
  24. From Or tam va (Anonymous Untexted work)
    To Orante victore demonum quos St. Finianus, Matins, Verse 6
  25. From Orantibus discipulis pater St. Hyacinthus, Matins, Responsory 9
    To Orate christum martyres St. Marcellinus & Petrus Exorcista, Vespers 2, Ant
  26. From Orate pro nobis beatae* Verse for Mary, Mary Cleophae, Mary Salome
    To Ordo sexus omnis etas currunt St. Procopius, Matins, Verse 4
  27. From Ordo triumphantes celestis St. Erasmus, Matins, Antiphon 9
    To Oriunda ex bethlehem claram St. Anna, Matins, Responsory 5
  28. From Oriundi sunt Romae sancti dei Antiphon
    To O sacerdos in eternum iesu Corpus Christi, Vespers, Antiphon 1
  29. From O sacerdos in eternum St. Leonardus of Limoges, Matins, Responsory 5
    To Os justi meditabitur Tract
  30. From Os justi meditabitur* Verse for Eusebius of Rome
    To O sublime spectaculum quam St. Sunniva, Matins, Verse 9
  31. From O sublime viri meritum cui St. Maximus of Riez, Matins, Responsory 8
    To Oves fessas sublevabat St. Hubertus, Matins, Antiphon 8
  32. From Oves lesas benigne visitat St. Edmundus Rich of Canterbury, Matins, Verse 5
    To O vos omnes qui transitis per Sabbato Sancto, In secundo nocturno: Versus
  33. From O vos omnes qui transitis per , Matins, Verse 4
    To O vox specialis index amoris Verse

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