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London, British Library, Additional 28550 (Robertsbridge Codex)

This manuscript, from the middle third of the century, contains part of a chronicle of the Abbey of Robertsbridge. Folios 43-44v contain the earliest known keyboard works: 3 estampies and 3 ornamented arrangements of motets (2 from the Roman de Fauvel).


Répertoire international des sources musicales. BIV 2. Manuscripts of Polyphonic Music (c.1320-1400), edited by Gilbert Reaney, G. Henle Verlag: Munich-Duisburg, 1969, pp. 236-238.


  1. fol. 43\1, [untexted work: GB-Lbl 28550 43r] (intabulation))

  2. fol. 43\2, Estampie (intabulation))

  3. fol. 43v, Estampie retrove (untexted work))

  4. fol. 43v-44, Ades[to] (intabulation from vocal model))

  5. fol. 44-44v, Tribum quem non abhorruit (intabulation from vocal model))

  6. fol. 44v, Flos vernalis (intabulation))

Recordings of works contained in this manuscript

  1. Philippe de Vitry 1291-1361: RD 77 095: Ades[to]; Tribum quem non abhorruit;.
  2. The Late 14th Century Avant Garde: EMI/HMV ASD 3621 (GB): Tribum quem non abhorruit;.

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