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Medieval Music Database - Annual cycle of feasts

The Sanctoral Cycle

The annual cycle of Saint's feasts according to the Calendar

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14: S. Felicis, Presbyteri et Martyris St Felix
15: S. Mauri St Mauri
17: S. Anthonii St Anthony
18: S. Prisca St Prisca
20: Ss Fabiani et Sebastiani Saints Fabian and Sebastian
21: S. Agnetis virginis et martyris St Agnes
22: S. Vincentii St Vincent
25: Conversio S. Pauli apostoli Conversion of St Paul
28: S. Agnetis [secundum festum] St Agnes [Second Feast]
In Octavam S. Agnetis Octave of St Agnes
In translatione beati Thomae Aquinatis Translation of St Thomas Aquinas


2: Purificatio Beatae Mariae Virginis Purification
5: S. Agathae St Agatha
14: S. Valentini St Valentine
22: Cathedra S. Petri Cathedra of St Peter


7: S. Thomae de Aquino, Confessoris St Thomas Aquinas
25: Annuntiatio Beatae Mariae Virginis Annunciation of BVM
Annunciatio Beatae Mariae Virginis [Temp. resur] Annunciation [in Paschaltide]


4: S. Ambrosii St Ambrose
5: S. Vincentii Ferrerii Confessoris O.P. St Vincent Ferrer
14: Ss Triburtii, Valeriani et Maximi Saints Tiburtian, Maximillian & Valerian
23: S. Geogii St George
25: S. Marci Evangelistae St Mark
29: S. Petri Martyris St Peter Martyr


1: SS. Philippi et Jacobi Apostolorum Saints Philip and James
3: In inventione S. Crucis The finding of the Holy Cross
6: S. Joannis ante Portam Latinam St John before the Latin gate
24: In Translatione Beati Dominici Translation of the body of St Dominic


2: SS. Marcelli et Petri Saints Marcellinus and Peter
19: SS. Gervasii et Protasii Saints Gervase and Protase
24: S. Joannis Baptistae John the Baptist
S. Joannis Baptistae, Octavam Octave/Commemoration of St John the Baptist
26: SS. Joannis et Pauli Saints John and Paul
Memoriam S. Pauli Octave/Commemoration of St Paul
28: Vigilia Sanctorum Petri et Pauli Vigil of Saints Peter and Paul
29: SS. Petri et Pauli Saints Peter and Paul
Memoria S. Pauli Commemoration of St Paul
S. Petri St Peter Martyr
30: S. Pauli St Paul


10: Ss. Septem Fratrum The Seven Holy Brothers
22: S. Mariae Magdalenae Mary Magdalene
25: S. Jacobi St James the Apostle


1: Vincula S. Petri St Peter in Chains
2: In inventione S. Stephani Invention of St Stephan
4: S. Dominici St Dominic
S. Dominici, 8 Octave of St Dominic
9: Vigilia S. Laurentii Vigil of St Laurence
10: S. Laurentii St Laurence
S. Laurentii, 8 Octave of St Laurence
11: S. Tiburtii St Tyburtius
14: Vigilia Assumptionis Beatae Virginis Mariae Vigil of the Asumption
15: Assumptio Mariae Asumption of BVM
Assumptio Mariae,8 Commemoration of the Asumption of the BVM
24: S. Bartholomaei St. Bartholomew Apostole
25: S. Ludovici St Louis
28: S. Augustini St Augustine
S. Augustini,8 Octave of St Augustine
29: Decollatio S. Joannis Baptistae Beheading of St John the Baptist


4: St Marcellus St Marcellus
8: Nativitatis Beatae Mariae Virginis Nativity of BVM
Nativitatis Beatae Mariae Virginis, 8 Octave of Nativity of BVM
14: Exaltatio S. Crucis Exaltation of the Cros
20: In vigiliam Sancti Matthaei Vigil of St Matthew
21: S. Matthaei apostoli et evangelistae St Matthew
29: S. Michaelis archangeli St Michael


1: St Remigii St Remigii
9: S. Dionysii St Ursula
S. Ursulae St Ursula (Alternate)
18: S. Luciae Evangelistae S. Luciae Evangelistae
21: S. Hylarionis St Hylarion


1: Omnium Sanctorum All Saints
2: In commemoratione omnium fdelium defunctorum All Souls
4: S. Vitali St Vitalis
11: S. Martini St Martin
19: S. Elizabethae S. Elizabeth
22: S. Caeciliae St Cecilia
23: S. Clementi St Clement, pope and martyr
25: S. Catharinae St Catherine
29: Vigilia S. Andreae Vigil of St Andrew
30: S. Andreae apostoli St Andrew


6: S. Nicolai episcopi et confessoris St Nicholas
8: Comceptio Beatae Virginis Mariae Conception of BVM
13: S. Luciae St Lucy
21: S. Thomae Apostoli St Thomas
In octavam S. Thomae Octave of St Thomas
26: S. Stephani protomartyris St Stephen
28: Ss. Innocentium Holy Innocents
29: S. Thomae Episcopi et Martyris St Thomas a Becket
31: S. Sylvestri papae et confesoris St Sylvester

Miscellaneous Chants

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